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Ease Your Stress

Stress is a general facet of life, and for many, it is unavoidable. Understanding this fact is crucial to coming to terms with your stress. A small level of stress throughout your life can in fact have a positive effect. However, stress at high levels can have detrimental impacts on your mental and physical health. To prevent this, there are many resources you can use to quell your stress levels, and this website is one of them.

Here, we offer many sources of stress relief that range from interactive, stress-relieving games to stress-relieving speeches. The resources we offer can be categorized into short-term stress relief and long-term stress relief. The short-term stress resources are meant to help with handling stress in the moment, and the long-term stress resources will help you deal with stress over a longer period of time. If you are struggling to figure out which resources you want to use, we also offer a recommendations feature.