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Who are we

Mentality is a resource that people can use to relieve their stress. It combines a variety of diverse stress-relief techniques to acheive this goal. Mentality ultimately serves as a very easily accesible resource that can immediately help relieve stress

Our motivations

Stress is clearly an epidemic, especially among the younger generations. As kids in this generation, there is so much societal pressure on us to be the best in our classes, win a lot of awards, and get into a prestigious college. We constantly hear of how people are stressed for the upcoming test, a personal situation, or some arbitrary event. In these situations, we thought it would be extremely useful to have a resource you can access within seconds that is designed to calm you down and reduce your stress. We also wanted to create a platform that allows people to educate themselves about the best ways to handle stress. Since stress is like an inescapable, negative feeling, we think it is very important for people to learn how to control it and even turn it into something positive.